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Mr. Alain Brenas
Director of the School of Cinema and Audiovisual Directing
Ext: 113

Mr. Ghassan Koteit
Assistant Director of the School of Cinema and Audiovisual Directing
Ext: 345

Ms Rosy Raggi
Director of the Television Department
Ext: 133

About ALBA

The Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) is the first national institution for higher education in Lebanon. Since its creation in 1944, ALBA stands out as a leader in the field of Fine Arts and Design in the Middle-East. In 1988, it joins the University of Balamand. 
ALBA has been a pioneer in implementing innovative study programs maintaining its curricula at the leading edge of progress; these include: Architecture, Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, Global Design, Graphic Design, Cinema and Television, Urban Planning, and Landscape Architecture. This variety of programs offers students a unique educational experience through a multidisciplinary teaching approach thus stimulating their creativity. 
Teaching at ALBA is undertaken by prominent local and international professionals and academics from various renowned institutions to which ALBA is connected to through several cooperation agreements which serve to promote students’ mobility. Moreover, the participation in international workshops, be them in Lebanon or abroad, gives the students the opportunity to challenge their ideas and discover new ways of sound analytical and critical thinking methods. 
In 2004, ALBA adopts the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in order to mainstream its programs with existing international educational platforms.
Teaching in ALBA is mainly project-driven thus encouraging students to combine both theory and practice in a critical approach. This method is nurtured by several research programs implemented in various departments. Classes at ALBA are human-sized which allows students to receive a tailored and personalized follow-up.
ALBA is strongly committed to excellence, innovation, and public support through mutual dialogue and participation with the Community of Lebanon represented through academic and public institutions, as well as the civil society.
ALBA’s long-established professional network provides students with high-end employment opportunities tailored to local, regional, and international labor markets. Through their internationally renowned projects and the prizes awarded to them, ALBA’s graduates and Alumni alike bear witness to its well-acclaimed success.
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